Since 1st January 2016*, the UK has paid the EU...

The figure is updated every 30 seconds. Sources, notes, & caveats can be found below.

Key Facts

Contribution² (2016/2017, p.a.)


Net Contribution² (p.a.)


Cost per Second¹


Cost per Minute


Cost per Hour


Cost per Day


Sources & Notes


All sources used to create the figures are listed below. Figures include inflation (averaged) using the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Composite Price Index (CPI) for 2016 - 2017. Figures are provided in good faith and for general reference purposes only.

(¹) = As stated, figures are rounded where required. For example, the actual cost per second is £266.1474315807331. Figures provided in the Key Facts section are rounded accordingly. Full data available upon request.

² = These figures do not include inflation as mentioned above, but inflation is taken into consideration when producing the final figure.

* = The latest data provided is for the 2016/2017 period and is the net figure (after the rebate, see notes below).


Source links may be archived using either Google's cache or on, or around, the date of data creation.

Notes & Caveats

Calculations made using figures from UK Government report for the 2016/2017 period. The following must be considered when verifying the data:

  • 52 weeks per year, rather than 52.14.
  • 365 days per year, rather than 365.24
  • Before rebate and other returns, the UK contributed £16.9bn to the EU.
  • - £4.8bn of this figure was issued as a rebate.
  • - £4.1bn of this figure was used as Public Sector Receipts.
  • For comparison, the net contribution to the EU 2015/2016 period totalled £10.763bn.
  • Figures may not sum to totals due to rounding.

In Addition

The sources used list specific information to consider:

There are different ways to measure the funds the UK receives from the EU. The above figure of £4.1 billion includes only funding allocated to UK government to manage. However, the European Commission also allocates funding directly to UK organisations, often following a competitive process. In recent years these funds have been worth around £1 billion - £1.5 billion to the UK.


As a member of the European Union the UK makes payments, or contributions, to the EU budget. The UK also receives funding, or receipts, from the EU. The EU provides funding for various agricultural, social, economic development and competitiveness programmes. The UK receives a rebate from the EU which reduces its contribution. The rebate aims to correct the issue of the UK making relatively large net contributions to the EU.