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About UK Costs

What We Do

We research the cost to the taxpayer for various organisations, departments, and services throughout the United Kingdom, and present this data in a relatable and easy-to-understand format.

This project initially started as late-night research to find out how much Members of Parliament are costing each one of us per second, and we developed and expanded the idea to create a website and include many more areas of cost.

Whilst we aim to be as accurate as possible and not mislead, there are many variables to consider when creating large predictions for current costs. Historical statistics are used and combined with a CPI inflation of 3.6% in order to create an approximation of the cost – right down to the second!

We're open to improvements in our methodology (as stated on each page), as well as corrections. If you would like to contribute a correction, or suggest an alteration to methodology, please send us an email.

We don't have a political affiliation and believe it's important to state this.

Average Research Per Page

40.2 Hours

Least Accessible Department

Welsh Assembly

Most Difficult to Research

Education Spending

Team Size


Statistic Verification

Six Times

FOI Requests


Less Important Statistics

Cups of Coffee Consumed


Oven Chips Consumed


Slices of Toast Consumed


Peas Consumed (approx.)


Litres of Water Consumed (approx.)


Nights without Sleep